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Walheim sewage sludge treatment plant

A location with history

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Walheim power plant was built between 1962 and 1967. It has two coal-fired blocks. In the winter of 1981/1982, a gas turbine fired using light fuel oil was commissioned at the power plant in Walheim. Since it can be started up within a matter of minutes and feed electricity into the grid, it is used during times of peak demand. The two coal-fired power plant units were registered for decommissioning back in 2014, but have been categorised by the Federal Network Agency as system-relevant until March 2023. However, the power plant will not be able to remain in operation for that long, as it will no longer be possible to staff full shift teams due to the retirement of the personnel trained on this plant. The final decommissioning of the coal-fired units is planned for March 2025 at the latest. The gas turbine will continue to be operated.

A new chapter begins

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The new sewage sludge combined heat and power plant will be built on part of the present site of the coal dump at the current power plant. The remaining coal dump area is also sufficient for the coal blocks’ reserve power plant status.


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