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Coal phaseout at Stuttgart-Münster

Large-scale heat pump at Stuttgart-Münster waste-to-energy CHP plant

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How the large-scale heat pump works

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The benefits and challenges

Technical data

approx. 20–24 MW district heating (depending on the temperature of the heat source)
approx. 3
Heating circuit
District heating water that comes back from the customers to the combined heat and power plant (the so-called return) is heated in two stages to the required temperature level of the flow (the water that is transported to the customers). The heat pump is used for the first heating stage (90°C).
Cooling water withdrawal
approx. 4,300 m³/h (equivalent to approx. 1,200 l/s)
approx. €17 million
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The approximate size of the planned large-scale heat pump at EnBW's waste-to-heat CHP in Stuttgart-Münster

Further information on the subject of district heating can be found here.

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