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Coal phaseout at Stuttgart-Münster

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Project diary

January 2023
Preliminary permit decision received and first partial approval
October 2022
Stuttgart Regional Council meeting to discuss the project
22 March 2022
Investment decision taken by EnBW’s Supervisory Board
7 February 2022
Permit application submitted
21 July 2021
Project presented to Bad Cannstatt council committee
23 April 2021
Scoping meeting0In complex planning processes, a scoping meeting is held by the authority overseeing the process (in this case Stuttgart Regional Council). With the involvement of public agencies and specialist authorities, the meeting is used to formally determine the subject, scope and methodology of the regional impact and environmental impact studies as well as the content of the application documents that need to be drawn up.
20 April 2021
Project presented to Münster council committee
13 April 2021
Virtual information event for the public
12 April 2021
Information event for professional associations and citizens’ initiatives
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