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Expansion of storage facilities for energy system transformation

The share of renewable energies has risen sharply in recent years. Efficient electricity storage systems are thus becoming increasingly relevant. Not only do they buffer the natural generation fluctuations of wind power and photovoltaics, they also help to keep the power grid in balance at all times.

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Flexible partners for the energy mix of the future

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Expansion project

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How a pumped storage power plant works

Functionality of a pumped storage power plant
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Information brochure on pumped storage units (german)
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What pumped storage power plants can do

View of the upper and lower basins of the Glems pumped storage power plant
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Demand is constantly increasing

EnBW wind farm Baltic 1: The first commercial offshore wind farm in Germany.
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Our expansion projects

The Rudolf-Fettweis Plant in Forbach
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Schluchsee Nature Paradise
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Flexible gas storage for high supply security