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Energy management for discounter

Many companies would like a green energy strategy. Self-generated electricity with photovoltaics can be a building block for this. It is also well suited to reconcile environmental and cost aspects. For supermarkets in Germany, the daily course of solar power also matches the course of business – except on Sundays. EnBW is developing a solution for this with a large discount store: with a special energy management system that calculates daily in its stores whether it is more profitable to consume the self-generated electricity or to market it on the electricity exchange after a time delay – made possible by temporary “parking” in a battery.

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Use, store, or market self-generated electricity


Project start: Selection of locations
Clarification of requirements for the mains connection of the batteries
Equipping the branches with measuring technology and storage; pilot operation

At a glance

Name: Optimised energy management in supermarket branches

Status: Demonstration operation

Objective: Energy management in ten stores with PV systems – three of which are with battery storage and improved direct marketing

Comments on the project

Green energy strategies don’t have to be a subsidised business – they can become even more attractive if we use energy data intelligently. We help our clients make the most of the electricity they generate themselves.“

Dr Antje Bremer, Project Manager at EnBW Research